We are pumped to open up the blog for submissions to anyone who feels their work would be valuable here! Please review the guidelines/suggestions below to ensure the best chance of getting published. We look forward to reviewing your work and we value your involvement in this movement.


  • We are looking to feature everything from essays to recipes - wherever your imagination and creativity take you, we're open to reviewing! 
  • We prefer to only publish original work (with some exceptions), so if you have submitted your piece elsewhere, please let us know. 
  • We exist and function from a biblical worldview, and filter all of our featured work through the truth of scripture. Please keep this in mind when submitting! 
  • We review every submission we receive, and currently respond only to accepted submissions. Due to the high volume of submissions we get, please allow fourteen business days before submitting elsewhere! We will notify you before or by then if we feel your submission is compatible with UNEDITED. If you are worried we did not receive your work, you can email us directly a second time at content@uneditedmovement.com
  • We LOVE photo galleries! We are always looking for images to pair with writing, and we would love to receive your photo galleries for review. You will always be credited, and we will let you know each time a photograph is featured. Please use either Pixieset or Dropbox to share your gallery. 
  • Please read about our mission & what we believe to better understand what sort of content we are drawn to.
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