Wanderlust or bust?

We've all been there- this generation has a unique and undeniable thirst for travel, trying new things and seeing the world in all it's incredible, diverse and colorful glory. We long to experience, experience, experience. We crave adventure. We're sure there's "something more" past our own little towns and big cities-- and while that's not entirely false, the intense need to get out past our own places and tribes can be toxic, and here's some reasons why.

1. We're training ourselves that where we live and the people we do life with just aren't good enough// While some of us may have valid reasons to dream of something more, and rightfully pursue it-- some of us are losing out on the relationships and experiences we could be having in our own places and spaces because our eyes are fixed on what could be somewhere else, instead of what already is in the place that we call home. This thought process is capable of stealing our joy, because it fuels the flame of discontentment... and once that fire get's started, it's a doozy to put out. 

2. What if the goal wasn't to experience, but to give others an experience? Here's what I mean// if we opened our eyes a bit to our day-to-day realities and sought out ways to serve, love and enjoy life right where we are. Bring cookies to your next door neighbor just because, hand-write letters to people you know who need encouraging in your community, treat your home like an open book and defy our culture's standards by inviting people in whenever, wherever. These are the little things that are actually humongous life-changers, and we walk past these opportunities daily, y'all. 

3. I believe experience is an incredible thing- it teaches us, it grows us, it inspires us. Let's see the world, and let's love every eye-opening second of it, for Heaven sakes! God made this place and we better be doing more than just "dipping our toes in," and instead relishing in the gift He has given us in this temporary home of ours. Having said that, there's a healthy balance. Let's be good stewards of the places & people God has placed us in and with-- and be truly satisfied with His plan of where He places us, and when he places us. All the rest is an added bonus, icing on top of a cake that already tastes better than anything your grandma ever made ya. When we really savor the gifts God gives us; attitudes and dreams change. That's when Kingdom work starts, and our wanderlust, for wanderlust's sake, subsides. That's when priorities switch, & our hearts yearn more for Jesus than for trains, planes & automobiles. 

So, don't get me wrong. I am all about travel and experiencing new things and new cultures! Hopping on a plane to somewhere I've never been before is one of of my very favorite things to do. But having said that, I'm learning that God has just as much to show me, teach me, lead me through and give me in my permanent place as He does in my travels & experiences elsewhere. Let's get excited about that. Let's look for adventure in our backyard. Let's let go of "wanderlust" and focus on God's wonder -- the kind that exists in the slums of India, the beaches of Tahiti and right outside our very own windows.

*Words by Mallory Henderson and beautiful imagery by Barbara Marcella