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The Scandal of Grace

The Unedited TeamComment
The Scandal of Grace

It doesn't always make sense to me, how Jesus could die for the ungodly, the unfaithful, the wretch and the sinner.
There are days I believe in grace that abounds for myself and my soul drinks from its depths without reservation. There are moments where I struggle to grasp even a tiny morsel of it; like sand running though my tightly clenched fist.

This is the scandal of grace-it is always there to embrace us in our filth.

As difficult as it can be for a self critic to accept this unearned grace, *quietly raises hand*, we must allow it to reign in our hearts, yes, but also in the hearts of others.

I am prideful. I am falsely secure in worldly accomplishment. I make many mistakes. Yet I am worthy of grace, still. Though I foolishly think of myself as "better" than those other "sinners" I see living lives far more "broken" and "reckless" than mine, the scandal of grace says we are one in the same. While I may be able to let it reign in my heart, and beseech its recognition in the lives of those I hold dear, I have a flawed assumptions that it is not potent enough to reign in the lives of "those people". You know the ones. The murderers. The rapists. The people who do things I deem, in my weak flesh, far beyond any other sins I may commit.

I have missed the point of grace for the sake of false comfort. It is far easier to point fingers and remind God of all the wrong things I haven't done than it is to kneel before the throne and own up to the pile of transgressions weighed against me.

This is the epitome of grace: that my sins weigh no more or less than another's. Our sins weighed equally heavy on the shoulders of our Savior as He hung on the cross.

In the moments, the many moments, where my pride screams, "they don't deserve grace," Jesus whispers, "Neither did you until I died to make you worthy of it, and defeated death that you may be securely held by it."

If we are still trying to earn grace, or when we assume that others are unable to do so, we have missed the point of it in its entirety.

Today, I'm swallowing some cold, hard truth and asking the Lord, in His mercy, to forgive me for the ways I have failed to understand His grace. I am asking Him to bring a shift in thinking to my cluttered mind that will allow me to see others through the lens of grace; where all sins are equal and equally forgiven in exchange for a repentant heart. I am asking that He take me off of my self-made pedestal and remind me that we were all, equally unworthy. We were all, equally, sentenced to death by our sin. We are all equally drowning in a grace that won't quit on us. Not one of us is so far gone that grace cannot rescue us out of darkness.

"But think about this, while we were wasting our lives in sin, God revealed His love to us in a tangible display--the Anointed One died for us." Romans 5:8

Words by full-time contributor Chelsey Mead