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Note to Self

The Unedited TeamComment
Note to Self
Hey, you.
Forget the mirror.
Ditch the scale.
Get off your phone.

Don't think about the pictures you've seen on Pinterest or Instagram or the cover of your favorite magazine.
(You know, the ones that make you try crazy diets. The ones that have you wanting to redo your home office. The ones that guilt you into feeling like your life is somehow less valuable or glamorous because it doesn't look as put together on a five inch screen. The ones that convince you you're in desperate need of a new wardrobe and body and career, while you're at it.)

Right here, right now, know and accept this:

You are good enough.

Before you do your morning workout, finish the laundry, rush out the door to work, make breakfast for the kids, or even take a shower--you are enough.

You are good enough at your current weight.

You are good enough without a lick of makeup on.

You are good enough if you haven't finished that degree, landed that dream job, washed your hair in five days, or cleaned the house in a week.

You are lovely in every form.
In your anxious, depressed, confused, and sometimes broken form.

You are capable of incredible things, like loving someone else with your whole heart for your whole life. Like getting up and out of bed, even when your body aches and your feet hurt and your heart is tired. Like holding onto hope when all else seems lost.

You are beautiful in all that you do. In all that you are. In every diaper you change, every spilled cup of morning coffee, and every shirt stained with snot and spit up. 
You are beautiful in every moment that you show compassion. Each morning you rise up and choose life and hope and joy. Each night you lie awake dreaming big and sometimes scary dreams. Each time you hit your knees and ask God to speak, move, and act on your behalf.
You are beautiful every time you stick it to the lies in your head that tell you you're not enough.

So to everyone who has told you that you won't make it, can't do it, will regret marrying young, will not have a successful business, or you should have played it safe, say "Thank you for your concern" and move on. Their opinions cannot detract from your value, got it?

To the lies in your head that tell you you're not pretty enough, thin enough, or successful enough? We say, "Go rot in hell with your maker, I know where my worth comes from." We remind ourselves of the truth. We dwell on the reality given to us by a good Father that allows us to boldly say the following:
I am going to accomplish every good thing in God's perfect timing.

I am destined for greatness because the God who lives in me has overcome the world and every lesser thing in it.

I am empowered by His Spirit to shine light into darkness and to bring peace into chaos, and I will kick today in the teeth.

I will have a family as the Lord provides the perfect way to do so.

I will pursue the passions He has put on my heart, and trust that He is sovereign over the details.

I will love people unconditionally, regardless of howI have been treated in the past.

I will let Him into every bit of my brokenness, so that others may see His glory.

I will love my mind, body, and heart, because I have been made worthy by unending grace.
I will accept the reign of peace over my heart because Jesus is still on His throne, and satan still loses in the end.

I will accept His truth that I am a new creation, spotless, Holy, chosen, fully known and fully loved--just as I am.
Today, I will choose to spend more time learning to love myself than chasing approval from strangers on the internet.
Today, I will let my Father define my worth, and accept that everything else is for the birds.



Words by Chelsey Mead